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Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap Orange Blossom 500ml

Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap Orange Blossom 500ml

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Made from vegetable oils, this liquid Marseille soap is cooked in a cauldron in the purest Marseille tradition.

Its unique Fleur d'Oranger fragrance is the work of master perfumers from Grasse.

96% naturally-sourced ingredients

Traditional manufacturing in Marseille

100% recycled and recyclable

Made in France

Orange Blossom

A lively and tangy floral fragrance with the Absolue de Orange Blossom

After an initial burst of botanical petit grain, ajoyful, addictive Orange Blossom reveals sunny, generous heart notes

Harvested in the early spring, the Orange Blossom exhales a uniquely sunny, bewitching scent. 

The fresh citrus fragrance of this liquid Marseille soap echoes the radiance of the Mediterranean, a true ode to light and lightness.

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