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Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap Provence 500ml

Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap Provence 500ml

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Made from 100% vegetable oils, this superfatted liquid Marseille soap is cooked in a cauldron in the purest Marseille tradition.

Containing essential oils of lemon and cypress, this liquid Marseille soap brings balance and softness to the skin.

96% naturally-sourced ingredients

Traditional manufacturing in Marseille

100% recycled and recyclable

Made in France 

Energizing Provence


A true concentrate of Provence, the formula of this liquid Marseille soap contains essential oils of lemon and cypress. Citrus essential oils, with fruity and summery fragrances, stimulate and energize while awakening the skin. 

The fortifying fragrance of cypress essential oil brings strength and warmth to the scent while the balancing properties of mugwort make it a gentle daily hand soap.

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