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Panier Des Sens Hand Cream Honey 75ml

Panier Des Sens Hand Cream Honey 75ml

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This cream, with its meltingly-soft, non-greasy texture, protects and nourishes hands. Your hands are delicately-scented, soft and feel ever-so comfortable.


Regenerating - Thanks to its high sugar content, honey retains water molecules in the cells, boosts moisturizingand stops skin feeling dry. Skin is better protected from external aggressors. Honey is enriched with vitamins and minerals making it an exceptional active ingredient with nourishing and regenerating properties


Purifying - Resin collected by bees from the buds and bark of trees, Propolis is used as a shield to protect, sanitize and disinfect the hive. Thanks to its high flavonoid content, it has antisepticantibacterial and antioxidant propertiesthat gently cleanse and detoxify the skin. 

97% naturally-sourced ingredients

Delicately perfumes hands

Recyclable and recycled packaging

Made in France

Based on Shea Butter

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